How to Create an Easy Skincare Routine?

How to Create an Easy Skincare Routine?

Tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing your skin all red and dull but you don't know where to start? It's one thing to want to take care of your skin, knowing where to start is another. Here we explain how to build an easy and effective routine, even for the busiest ones. 

After hearing your colleagues and friends talk about it, you may feel that it would be a good idea to build a skin care routine that works. Where should I start? What is a serum? How many steps are necessary? In fact, you don't need a thousand products, just a few well applied ones will make the difference. Skincare is easy, there are three rules:


Skincare products must follow a specific order to be more efficient. Don't worry, after 2-3 repetitions you will end up remembering it by yourself.

Product order: Cleanser > Toner > Spot treatments  > Eye cream > Serum > Moisturizer

Might seems like a lot of products, but with Agave Black your routine will consists of 4 steps:

STEP 1. Wash face with Clean Slate


  • Moisten face with water and hands,
  • Add a couple of pumps to palms, then apply to face with fingers,
  • Rub into face for 20-30 seconds, making sure to get around nose, high up on temples and any problem areas. Use a mechanical facial brush as needed, up to two times per week. 
  • Rinse face using hands and water, then pat dry with a clean, unused washcloth.


STEP 2. Apply Fix It – IF NEEDED

  • Apply Fix It™ all over face (a drop or two should do it) for moderate to severe conditions or as a spot treatment for problem areas,
  • Let dry 30-60 seconds.


STEP 3. Apply Special Sauce
  • Add two or three pumps to palms (you will find the sweet spot for your face and climate as you get your routine down.  Wetter climates or dryer skin types may require less product, while dryer climates and oily skin types may require less.  However, you should still use it even if your skin is VERY oily.  Combined with Hydro Edge, it will help control oil over time!),
  • Apply generously around face and make sure to get under your eyes and the edges of your brow line,
  • Let dry if needed for 1-2 min.



STEP 4. Apply Hydro Edge
  • Add a couple of pumps of Hydro Edge to palms, then apply to face with fingers,
  • Rub into face for 20-30 seconds, making sure to get around nose, high up on temples and any problem areas,
  • Add extra under eyes if needed to help with elasticity,
  • Let absorb into skin over the next 3-10 min.




    Just like for sports, consistency is key in skincare and you won't get better results over night. You need to keep doing your routine in the morning and evening. Our products work for both day and night so you don't have to switch your routine.


    It is better to have two good products than to spread your face with a dozen poor quality products. Our products are very concentrated so no need for much, only a few drops. The effects will be visible sooner and you will enjoy your products longer!

    Now, you're ready to go!

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