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Our Mission: Help men look their best with effortless, cutting-edge skincare.

Why Agave Black?

 We founded Agave Black to help our fellow guys “get it together” when it comes to skincare.  Our founder, Kent, has many buddies who, until we launched, used bar soap and water on their skin.  While efficient, this has produced premature aging and irritation over time for most of them.  We want to help you defy the clock and feel good in the skin you have. 

During the test phase of product development, many of our testers had friends and colleagues come up to them unprompted commenting on their “nice skin” or younger, more vibrant appearance.  We want to help you achieve similar results and care for the skin you have for life.  

Hydro Edge Face Cream - Agave Black
About Us Agave Black

Only the Best Ingredients

We believe that skincare should be a way to bring out the very best in your natural skin, using only the best ingredients found in nature, like fruit extracts and acids, as well as other natural ingredients.

What we don't use is as crucial as what we do use. That's why we have made a conscious choice to steer clear of harmful chemicals that can potentially damage your skin. Our products are free from toxic substances like PEG, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals. By omitting these ingredients, we prioritize your health and ensure that our skincare range remains non-toxic and gentle.  

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