Anti Aging

Discover the ultimate defense against visible signs of aging with our Men's Anti-Aging Collection. Combat wrinkles and fine lines with our Bakuchiol serum, paired with our Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer. Choose individual products or the Anti-Aging kit, perfect for those in their 40s and beyond.

Step 1. Treat

Special Sauce

Concentrated serum that smooths fine lines & wrinkles.


Step 2. Hydrate

Hydro Edge

Lightweight moisturizer that
deeply hydrates your skin.


Key Ingredients

Agave Black: Where Natural Ingredients Meet Effective Skincare

Agave Stem Cells —

Rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid —

Regenerates skin and keeps your skin hydrated.

Bakuchiol —

Boosts collagen, promoting skin firmness and elasticity.

How to Use

  1. On clean skin, gently pat a few drops of Special Sauce serum on your face and neck,
  2. Apply Hydro Edge moisturizer onto your face using upward motions. For extra hydration, apply a bit more under the eyes.
  3. Reapply in the eveningfor better results.
clean slate gentle cleanser


It is never too late to start, but the earlier the better. Anti-aging products are most effective when incorporated into your skincare routine in your mid to late 20s. This proactive approach helps prevent and address early signs of aging before they become more prominent. Our anti aging kit is adapted for men in their 20s, 30s, 40s as well as 50s and above.

While skincare can't stop the natural aging process, it can significantly slow down and minimize visible signs of aging. Using products with active ingredients like Bakuchiol or Retinol, antioxidants, and peptides can enhance skin health and maintain a youthful appearance.

Anti-aging skincare works by addressing specific concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Ingredients like Bakuchiol stimulates cell turnover, antioxidants protect against environmental damage, and moisturizers maintain skin hydration, collectively promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion.

The best skincare routine for aging skin should include a serum made with Hyaluronic acid and Bakuchiol to address fine lines and promote elasticity, along with a moisturizer containing vitamin E and vitamin C for antioxidant protection and overall skin health. Do not forget to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day to protect against sun damage, a major contributor to aging. If those are too much steps for you, start with our 2-steps Anti-Aging Kit - including a Serum and Moisturizer that you can use mornings and evenings. Regularity and consistency are key for optimal results.

How to Slow Down Aging

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