Struggling with stubborn spots and dry patches? Look no further. Introducing our Treatment Collection—your solution for targeted skincare. Our specialized treatment is designed to tackle blemishes head-on, leaving your skin clear and smooth. Shop now the best products for acne prone and oily skin!



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    Ever woke up to an unexpected zit that threatens to ruin your day? Yes, we've all been there. A spot treatment can be used on these occasions, or if you experience oily skin, acne breakouts, or hyper-pigmentation. It targets specific areas to address these concerns effectively.

    Apply the spot treatment either directly on problem areas or all over the face, depending on your preference and the severity of skin issues.

    If you have acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, oily skin, or hyperpigmentation, our spot treatment is tailored to address these specific concerns and can benefit your skin.

    Fix It our Spot Treatment is formulated with powerful natural ingredients to help with common skin concerns:
    Witch Hazel to reduce enlarged pores.
    Calendula to soothe irritated skin.
    Tea Tree oil to control oil and sebum levels.
    Salicylic Acid to treat acne breakouts.